How I enjoy Denim

Every morning I think of ‘what to wear today’. Just selecting from favorite jeans is enjoyable to me.

Why? because I’m not just a denim lover. What I like is an overall process of faded blue jeans as per the following;

  1. Get raw denim jeans.
  2. First wash the jeans then put it into a dryer to get it shrunk.
  3. Wear the jeans when I want.
  4. Wash when necessary.
  5. Repeat 3 and 4.
  6. The jeans gets fades over time.
  7. Repair if the jeans get any serious damage.
  8. Eventually the jeans will become only-one jeans in the world

All jeans I’ve been wearing have its own history. This is how I enjoy denim. Someone would say it is not understandable…, it’s fine but please allow me to go for this way.